Soul of Florence: Starry review of the World League Final Six

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski

Awording ceremony prolog World League

25th, jubilee, FIVB World League edition came to an end. U.S National Team joined the milti-gold club (Brazil, Italy, and Russia) claiming second gold, Italy disappointed its fans, while Russia strongly underachieved. What made the victory and failures? The star summary will explain everything!

FIVB World Ranking Updated: Brazil still no.1

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

brazil-attack-wl2014After the World League 2014 FIVB updated its FIVB World Ranking. We can not see any change in the top positions. Brazil remains no. 1, Russia 2nd, Italy 3rd.

QuickSand(er) soaked up Brazil! USA grabs World League!

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski

America- U.S team Gold medal

Magnificent growing star of world volleyball, Taylor Sander, led U.S National Team to second World League triumph in history. The Americans defeated Brazil after the best match of the tournament, taking gold medals and one million dollars on their accounts.

Soul of Florence: Bronze remains in Italy!

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski

Italy Florence

Italy proves too much for Iran in the last day of the World League 2014 in Florence and takes second in the row bronze medal of the tournament. Filippo Lanza took leadership in his hands, reaching almost 70% of efficiency in spiking, while Ivan Zaytsev was the best scorer with 14 points.

Soul of Florence: Brazil made Italy cry! U.S magic system works!

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski

America USA F6

It was a day of short games in Florence. USA and Brazil have completed the pair of the World League 2014 finalist after two three-sets semifinals. Brazil mercilessly held Italy down, confirming finally that rumors about the giants fall are absolutely unfounded. On the other hand, U.S National Team players destroy the legend about their good shape only in Olympic year by beating completely discharged Iran.