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Sons of Gravity! They did it again!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

sons of gravity20151

They did it again!

The guys from Sons of Gravity surprised us with their new video! The group left the gym and went into the city of Roeselare to make some new trick shots! 

4 dudes having fun by making trick shot movies and sharing this with the world - this is Sons of Gravity! Their purpose: making the volleyball more and more popular! We, at VolleyCountry, like a lot what Sons of Gravity are doing and we want to support them in their desire to make the sport we all love the most famous in the world!

VIDEO: Karch Kiraly on negative thoughts

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Karch Kiraly, legendary volleyball player and coach for USA Volleyball's Women's Team talks about athletes refusing to take responsibility for negative thoughts. "They are the ones that own those thoughts and the only ones who can control those negative thoughts."

Watch the video to hear more on Kiraly's opinion on the topic:

VIDEO: TOP 20 Best Volleyball Spikes

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


We end today by presenting you one video  which could inspire everyone who loves the game.

Volleyball is the sport that we all admire, we cheer up for our favorite teams and support our favorite players.  And of course, we are most excited when we watch some amazing rallies!

In the video below you can see the TOP 20  Best Volleyball Spikes… And while watching it you can think of answering the following question: Who do you think is the best spiker ever?

VIDEO: Matey Kaziyski reminds us of why he has been called The Emperor

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

kaziyski2015 cut

Whie all eyes were on F4 of CEV Champions League the star of Trentino Matey Kaziyski reminded us of why he has been called The Emperor. 

In the CEV Cup semifinal match between his club Trentino and Zaksa Kedzierzyn- Kozle Kaziyski showed all the volleyball lovers around the clock how to score 8 aces! To date this is his second best-perfomance regarding aces (he registered 9 in an Italian national league match with Vibo Valentia on March 25, 2009).

Kaziyski practically "bombed" the Polish defence and thanks to his play and the one of his teammates Trentino Volley will meet in the final match for CEV Cup the team of Dynamo Moscow. 

VIDEO:Epic Volleyball Trick Shots 3.0 | Sons of Gravity

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


We say it often but once again we will repeat it – The true love for volleyball  that we have as an internal feeling  consist not only in following big competitions and important volleyball events. What we love about volleyball is the joy of the game and the tricks on the court!

This is why we have enjoyed a lot the last video of Sons of Gravity . The guys from the group have fun by making trick shot movies and sharing them with the world! Their motto:  The world is a playground! And we totally agree with it!

Rahimova show:How to save a match point with a head

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Saving the match point  is probably the thing every volleyball player dreams of. 

For sure, there are some spectacular ways of how to do it. However, if there is a competition named "Best match point save" the Azerbaijani volleyball star Polina Rahimova will win it.

You may ask "Why" but the video below gives you the answer! 

VIDEO: Games 4 Giants

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


There is this tournament coming that all the supporters  expect for a long period of time... There is this weekend at the end of March that will make some happy and others sad... There are these two days of volleyball on highest level! 

In only 3 weeks time, on Sunday, 29th of March, we will understand who will be the new volleyball king!

VIDEO: What a debut!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Look at what have done a 16-year-old libero in his first appearance in a  game of  the Italian Superlega.

During the last game of the Italian Vero Volley (Monza), the 16-years old libero Mattia Taramelli appeared on the court and was warmly welcomed by volleyball fans.

He was included in the group for the match because of  suspension of the titular libero Daniele De Pandis. This way Mattia got his chance to debut in men's volleyball.

TOP 10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120 km/h

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

best Ace-10

We came across to a interesting video showing us TOP 10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120km/h!

A speed that makes us stay with the eyes wide open :) 

And we were wondering ...

When you think about an ace that is stuck into your memory, which player's name comes first to your mind? Cristian Savani, György Grozer, Matey Kaziyski or someone else?