Amazing Volleyball Videos

VIDEO: G.Samica- HUGE attack!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Volleyball is our sport because it surely always has something to present us that could amaze us! 

This is the case with the video we show you in this article.  Every attacker wants to spike hard and Guillaume Samica  knows it well how to enjoy the play while spiking. 

Mariusz Wlazły - The Killer On The 3rd Meter!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

wlazly 3rd-spike

We all know - all of the volleyball components are interesting and worth watching! Our favorite game is a mixture of amazing rallies and some of them often take our breath away!

However, there is this one element in volleyball that often attracts the biggest crowds of spectators. Of course, this element is called "spike". 

VIDEO:TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

marshall action

If you came to this article, this means that you are a volleyball lover. We don't know you love the game and for sure there are many reasons to do.  Just think of all the amazing rallies the sport gives us, of the emotions, of all the interesting competitions and tournaments... :)

It is almost impossible to count down the number of the reasons why we love volleyball. And to be fair, there are many actions that impressed us a lot through the years but in the video below you can see TOP 25 of The BEST Volleyball Actions.

VIDEO: Ivan Zaytsev - knocked down!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Usually Ivan Zaytsev is the one to bomb his opponents with strong serves or spikes. But this is why can compare volleyball to life- in just one minute everything could change and you can experience what you haven’t expected.

Fortunately, we are talking here only about a volleyball situation and some serious life changes. The Italian volleyball star Zaytsev   felt what it is like to be bombed by  balls. He “got knocked down”  in the match between his club team Dinamo (Moscow) and Dinamo (Krasnodar)

In the video with title “Knockdown Ivan Zaytsev” you can see the situation: 

VIDEO: How to serve on the head of a teammate

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Sometimes volleyball is an unpredictable game  and even the best players could give us surprises. But hey! Nobody is perfect!

The Serbian volleyball star of Perugia Aleksandar Atanasjievic  served on the head of a teammate. “The victim”? :) Christian Fromm.

So, if you want a manual how-to , just take a look at the video and don’t forget to take the things from the funny side :

VIDEO: Happy New Year 2015 from VC Belogorie!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


We have only few hours left from 2014! It's been an interesting year from a volleyball point of view - we've witnessed some great competitions on club and national level. Just remember the Champions League and the World Championships for Men and Women! 

But now all the volleyball people around the globe look for new challenges in the upcoming 2015 year! And it is always better while looking for the future, to enjoy the present with a smile on the face! 

VIDEO: Boom! Georgy Grozer serves at 131 km/h

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Serving well in volleyball is a key point to mess up the opponent's play. You know - bad receiving destroys the whole style of one's team.

Georgy Grozer is among the ones who is destroying the other team's play very well.

Good to have him on your team, bad if you have play against him.

During the match Germany vs. Poland in FIVB World Championship Grozer amazed once again with a bombastic serve at131 km/h. On the other hand, the Polish team, who became later Champion, is able to find an answer to such a serve.


VIDEO: Ngapeth show!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

ngapeth123The team of Casa Modena is doing it very well this season in Serie A1 so far. The volleyball players of Angelo Lorenzetti have lost only one set till now in their matches! 

During the last one vs. Exprivia Neldritto Molfetta, won 3-0 , the French star of Modena Earving Ngapeth showed why is being called one of the best volleyball players in the world.

VIDEO: Olympic Champion Giba on Olympic Spirit

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

Giba Great

It is Sunday - a wonderful day to have a rest, to go out with friends, to visit your parents or to play volleyball! :) 

Meanwhile, we recommend you  to watch this great video!  One of the best players ever - the Brazilian Giba, talks about the Olympic spirit and what is like to become an Olympian Champion in Athens- the place where it all began! 

VIDEO: Volleyball Way. Green Way.

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


“The future will be either green or not at all.”

Bob Brown

Sports in general give us a lot of emotions – sometimes good, sometimes bad. All eyes are on the sport event or on the sports stars. We are cheering up for our teams and when they lose, there is a kind of a sad feeling in our hearts.