Amazing Volleyball Videos

Volleyball 50 years ago

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

japan-1964-volleyballOlympic games 1964 and Japan vs Russia. This is the way the best teams played volleyball long time ago. Should we smile or clap our hands?


Video: Stacy Sykora WCH first round review

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

sykora-stacy-bari-2014Stacy Sykora is speaking about the best teams in FIVB Women's World Championship in Italy after first round. What do you think about her thoughts? I agree with her:-)

Road to Poland: Volleyball journey à la Belgium (Video)

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski


European League triumph, World Championships qualification and World League debut – these following stops of volleyball journey led Belgium to the most desirable aim – Mundial in Poland, but the true fun just begins, because “Playtime is over. Time for the real deal is coming”. Only 8 days left. How the journey look like through the eyes of Belgian players and staff?

115s long volleyball rally!

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

If I am one of the net players on the court I would call a time or maybe even for substitution after such a rally. I think this is one of the longest volleyball rallies ever :-)

Road to Poland: Serbia ‘on the top of the world’ (Video)

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski


FIVB World Championships are coming! All participants are in progress of a training regime that may cause that they will be on top of the world already on September 21. Exhaustive physical workout is very important, but every coach has to find gaps in their schedule for rest and integration of team members, because it is well known that the ‘team spirit’ is frequently the decisive factor in the win. As it turns out, a perfect way for integration is work too....

Video: How to be a volleyball player

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

how-to-be-volleyball-playerWant to know all about volleyball? Check out this awesome video. You will learn all about volleyball and maybe even more :-)

Look out 50 Cent! Klima is coming!

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski


Tell me, how to claim volleyball players are not comprehensively talented? Bartosz Kurek plays golf almost like Tiger Woods, Luigi Mastrangelo is a “Dancing queen” King and wipes out on the dance floor better then professionals while Takahiro Yamamoto is a master in preparing delicious sushi. But wait, it’s not the end. It is, in fact, a beginning and birthday of the musician new talent called ‘Klima’. Do you recognise this man?


Incredible Dancer Luigi Mastrangelo

  • Written by Jiri Popelka


Luigi Mastrangelo is well known for his volleyball skills, but as you can he has much more potential in his body, he is dancing like professional.

10 year old, big volleyball talent

  • Written by Jiri Popelka


If you want to play good volleyball you need to start practise as soon as possible. See great talent in our volleyball video.