Amazing Volleyball Videos

VIDEO: What a debut!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Look at what have done a 16-year-old libero in his first appearance in a  game of  the Italian Superlega.

During the last game of the Italian Vero Volley (Monza), the 16-years old libero Mattia Taramelli appeared on the court and was warmly welcomed by volleyball fans.

He was included in the group for the match because of  suspension of the titular libero Daniele De Pandis. This way Mattia got his chance to debut in men's volleyball.

TOP 10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120 km/h

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

best Ace-10

We came across to a interesting video showing us TOP 10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120km/h!

A speed that makes us stay with the eyes wide open :) 

And we were wondering ...

When you think about an ace that is stuck into your memory, which player's name comes first to your mind? Cristian Savani, György Grozer, Matey Kaziyski or someone else? 

TOP 10 Best Volleyball Digs

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


To spike good brings a lot of emotion...but the volleyball digs also deserve our attention! 

If you have played volleyball, you know for sure the pleasure from stopping the ball  topping the ball from hitting your side of the court after the opposing team has either spiked or served it to your team.

Who spikes better: Osmany Juantorena or Lucas Saatkamp?

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

osmany lucas

We have came across to some interesting videos with Osmany Juantorena and Lucas Saatcamp and decided to share them with you... :) 

Having a deeper look, we started to wonder who of them both spikes better... and as we don't have the answer, we are asking you! 

Bulgaria Wins the Championship Lokovolley Youth Tournament: Full Match

  • Written by Stefan M.


On January 18, the 17U Bulgarian National team was crowned as the new champion of the fifth annual Lokovolley Youth Tournament. The Bulgarians beat the Russians from Novosibirsk 2-1 (25-20, 22-25, 15-13) and here we provide you the opportunity to watch the full match.

VIDEO: G.Samica- HUGE attack!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Volleyball is our sport because it surely always has something to present us that could amaze us! 

This is the case with the video we show you in this article.  Every attacker wants to spike hard and Guillaume Samica  knows it well how to enjoy the play while spiking. 

Mariusz Wlazły - The Killer On The 3rd Meter!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

wlazly 3rd-spike

We all know - all of the volleyball components are interesting and worth watching! Our favorite game is a mixture of amazing rallies and some of them often take our breath away!

However, there is this one element in volleyball that often attracts the biggest crowds of spectators. Of course, this element is called "spike". 

VIDEO:TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva

marshall action

If you came to this article, this means that you are a volleyball lover. We don't know you love the game and for sure there are many reasons to do.  Just think of all the amazing rallies the sport gives us, of the emotions, of all the interesting competitions and tournaments... :)

It is almost impossible to count down the number of the reasons why we love volleyball. And to be fair, there are many actions that impressed us a lot through the years but in the video below you can see TOP 25 of The BEST Volleyball Actions.

VIDEO: Ivan Zaytsev - knocked down!

  • Written by Victoria Georgieva


Usually Ivan Zaytsev is the one to bomb his opponents with strong serves or spikes. But this is why can compare volleyball to life- in just one minute everything could change and you can experience what you haven’t expected.

Fortunately, we are talking here only about a volleyball situation and some serious life changes. The Italian volleyball star Zaytsev   felt what it is like to be bombed by  balls. He “got knocked down”  in the match between his club team Dinamo (Moscow) and Dinamo (Krasnodar)

In the video with title “Knockdown Ivan Zaytsev” you can see the situation: