Volleyball Training Program

10 Muscles Volleyball Player Must Stretch

  • Written by Marc Bird

You know that every athletic trainer job is to make sure that the athletes remain healthy. Tight muscles can lead to poor performance and injury and increasing flexibility can help improve these conditions. 

Keep Your Knees Healthy and Kicking in Your Volleyball Life

  • Written by Henry Kingston

Hey, if you thought you’re more likely to injure your hands and fingers while playing volleyball – because you use them to throw the ball over the net (duh), you’re wrong! You use your legs and knees to run and jump so that you can use your hands and fingers to throw the ball!

How to Choose a Summer Volleyball Camp

  • Written by Guest Blogger

Does your son or daughter want to get better at volleyball over the summer? The best way for them to do just that is to attend a summer volleyball camp.

4 Ways to Recover After Your Volleyball Training

  • Written by Marc Bird

foam-roller-recoveryWith how much we do to our bodies; from lifting weights, running, and even day to day routinely work, we need to balance our body and let it recover! 

Fitness: A Prevention for Volleyball Injuries

  • Written by Henry Kingston

Alright… you have got to agree that volleyball has to be one of the sexiest games with some of the sexiest sportsmen around. But the truth is that a lot of pain goes into all that sexiness. In fact, the high jumps and long dives make volleyball players more prone to injuries than most other sports players. Some of the most common volleyball related injuries are as follows.