Volleyball Training Program

Weight Training: Good and Save for Children?

  • Written by Chris G. Koutures

There is no magic age at which a child can begin weight training. Readiness for weight training depends on the willingness of the child to lift weights, follow directions, and maintain the program for several months to see results. Remember, this is for the child, not for an adult or coach.  

Is Plyometric Training Really Effective?

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

What effect has plyometrics on body and performance? Will you jump higher? These are the questions we answer in this part of our Volleyball Power Guide.

Will You Be Better Player With Doping?

  • Written by Jiri Popelka

Volleyball was always clean sport without doping. Do you need to use some steroids to be better volleyball player? Will it help you? Continue reading.

4 Exercises to Keep Your Shoulders Healthy

  • Written by Marc Bird

Healthy shoulders
are important for every volleyball player. Pain in shoulder is limiting your performance. What should you do to have shoulder always ready to hit? Read our advices.