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Anatomy of a Volleyball Player

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Volleyball may be a mostly non-contact sport, but that doesn't mean its players aren't at extreme risk for a plethora of injuries.

Due to the constant swift movements, as well as the often awkward landings and slides, players can incur a game-changing injury in mere seconds. Once these injuries occur, it's not unusual for surgery or extensive periods of rehabilitation to take place, removing the player from the game for extended periods of time or indefinitely.

Once an injury has occurred, it is not uncommon for it to reoccur in the future. The location of the injury becomes vulnerable and the player needs to take extra precautions to ensure there is not a repeat situation.

Volleywrong - injuries ahead

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When coaches take Youngsters to volleyball tournaments, the coaches themselves have to know the real situation that the players are going to participate in.

In Puerto Rico there are the Jeep Volleyball Championship& Power League  while d in North America the Jr. Nationals among others/ Coaches must be careful by  deciding where to participate because some of these tournaments have the sole purpose of making money.

In addition to being expensive, these activities are intended to meet with a program whose number of parties is absurd. (During just one weekend a team can play between 5 and 8 games, two out of three sets each one of 25 points and the decisive third of 15 points).  Such matches  definitely exposed young athletes to overuse injuries.

How Volleyball Can Improve Your Skills in Other Sports Like Football

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fun-volleyball-olympicsIn addition to being a fun and entertaining sport, volleyball provides your mind and body with myriad advantages you can use to improve your overall athletic abilities. And if you want to become an even better football player, it may be worth adding volleyball to your training routine, as you'll be training your body for football without even realising it.

5 Necessities for Your List of Volleyball Equipment

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volleyball-equipmentVolleyball is a popular sport, but sometimes it can be painful. It is important for a volleyball player to understand the top five pieces of equipment that will prevent injuries and bring success during the activity.