Volleyball Training Program

How Volleyball Can Improve Your Skills in Other Sports Like Football

  • Written by Guest Blogger

fun-volleyball-olympicsIn addition to being a fun and entertaining sport, volleyball provides your mind and body with myriad advantages you can use to improve your overall athletic abilities. And if you want to become an even better football player, it may be worth adding volleyball to your training routine, as you'll be training your body for football without even realising it.

5 Necessities for Your List of Volleyball Equipment

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volleyball-equipmentVolleyball is a popular sport, but sometimes it can be painful. It is important for a volleyball player to understand the top five pieces of equipment that will prevent injuries and bring success during the activity.

Helpful Apps For Volleyball Coaches

  • Written by Sara Upton

volleyball-apps Technology plays a larger role in sports and fitness these days, thanks to a huge range of performance trackers, diet and exercise apps, and even tools specific to the skills and practices of different sports. While these tools have become very useful to athletes all over the world, they also hold great value for trainers and coaches, in volleyball and in other sports. With that in mind, here's our look at four fitness/sports-related apps any practicing volleyball coach should utilize or at least take a look at.

Japanese relief for a sore muscle? Kinesiology taping!

  • Written by Artur Skrzypczynski

1 Kinesiology type

Some time one wise man or woman said that sport is healthy and he or she was right but probably did not mean professional athletes or he or she should not have had them in its mind. Vocational sport is extremely destructive human organism , strictly speaking on the movement system including muscles, bones and joints. Thus there have recently appeared new ways of health protection and one of them is Kinesio taping, consisting in covering some part of the body with special adhesive tape, that become common in various sports arenas involving volleyball too. Why is this method so popular? How does Kinesio taping work? Is it healthy and safe?